Clarion Books

Clarion 6 Tips & Techniques Vol 1

Edited by David Harms
CoveComm, 2005
ISBN 096895538X

Clarion 5.x Tips & Techniques Vol 1

Edited by David Harms
CoveComm, 2005
ISBN 0968955355

Clarion 5.x Tips & Techniques Vol 2

Edited by David Harms
CoveComm, 2005
ISBN 0968955363

Clarion Databases & SQL

Edited by David Harms
CoveComm, 2004
ISBN 0968955339

Developing Clarion for Windows Applications

by Ross Santos & David Harms
SAMS, 1995
ISBN 0672306743

Java Books

JSP, Servlets, and MySQL

by David Harms
M&T Books, 2001
ISBN 0764547879

Web Site Programming with Java

by David Harms, Barton Fiske, and Jeffrey Rice
McGraw-Hill, 1996
ISBN 0079129862

About CoveComm

CoveComm Inc. is a media services company founded in 1992 by David Harms. In addition to providing writing, editing, and print-on-demand consulting services, CoveComm publishes Clarion Magazine, an online subscription-based technical journal. CoveComm is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


Content Management

CoveComm publishes Clarion Magazine, a subscription-based online magazine for software developers who use the Clarion language. Founded in 1999, Clarion Magazine is delivered using CoveComm's in-house content management system built with ASP.NET MVC, the Sharp Architecture, NHibernate and PostgreSQL. [more...]


David Harms, CoveComm's principal writer and editor, has extensive experience in substantive and stylistic editing. David has been a free lance editor and writer for over 15 years, and has authored, co-authored, or edited numerous technical books. He has done time as humor columnist for Alternatives Journal, the official publication of the Environmental Studies Association of Canada, and has written and edited a variety of fiction and non-fiction. [more...]


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